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Friends Membership

Call or stop in the Library for an application.

Your help is needed to provide advocacy and support. The purpose of this organization is to build a permanent endowment for the library; build a greater realization of the importance of the library to the community; build a greater awareness of the library services and resources; and support and raise funds for library projects and services.

Annual Membership Levels:

Friends of the Adrian District Library
Membership Levels
                                  Individual            Family
Basic                          $15.00                   $25.00
Basic Plus                   $25.00                   $50.00
Silver                          $100.00               $250.00
Gold                           $200.00                $500.00
Platinum                    $400.00              $1000.00
Diamond                    $1000.00            $2500.00

Donations of any amount are always greatly appreciated.

Please make check payable to:  Friends of the Adrian District Library

Contact Information
If you have questions about our Friends Group please email or call the Library at 517-265-2265 or contact us by email. You can also contact our Friend's president Susan Nichols.


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